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The system itself doesn’t need any aggressive preparation therefore it’s not creating damage to historical or heritage type structures. It is a reversible system that can be removed at any time in the future and still retain the structure underneath intact.

Delta Systems have been used in various Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings. The Delta system is an ‘air gap system’ and is generally favoured by English heritage, the society for protection of ancient buildings (SPAB), as well as various local authority conservation officers.

heritage listed buildingDelta systems are not a replacement for lime renders. They are a compromise when lime renders are inadequate in given situations, for example on below ground structures, on structures that have heavy salt contamination and on structures that cannot be effectively repaired and waterproofed sympathetically and adequately from the outside for example where there are architectural features that cannot be waterproofed.

Delta is generally favoured for two main reasons: firstly because it is an air gap system that is sympathetic to heritage structures (because of the continuous air gap and ventilation provided) and secondly because it is a reversible process.

There are many examples around the UK and abroad where the system has been used please see project list below. Click on the coloured projects to view it’s case study.

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