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Combined system

type a waterproofingTo achieve a Grade 3 environment you can combine two or more types of protection. Combining a Type A, B and C is the most reliable system as it controls and manages the water/water vapour entering the structure. To help slow down the ingress of water into the structure a Type A system can be used, ideally on the external walls and on new builds underneath the slab, as well as using water bars and a crystallization system at construction joints (Type B protection). Click the technical drawing on the right to view a typical external Type A detail.

For existing structures this can not always be achieved, access to the external walls is sometimes restricted or too costly to excavate, therefore in this case applying a Type A system internally would be sufficient.

type c waterproofing

The Type A and B protection reduces the amount of water entering the Type C system lowering the pumping cycles saving electricity and maintenance costs.

Click the technical drawing on the left to view a typical internal Type C system.

See below our combined system details showing DualProof under the slab, Koster Deuxan and Delta Geo-Drain on the external walls and the Delta System 500 internally.

Technical drawings


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