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CSSW qualified professional

The importance of using a CSSW qualified professional in structural waterproofing projects

It is not only the required criteria for many specialist buildings insurance companies such as Premier Guarantee, LABC, BLP and the NHBC to mention a few nowadays that a CSSW qualified person is involved in the design process for structural waterproofing, which in turn reduces risk of catastrophic failure, but it is also now more […]

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Waterproofing combined

Combination Waterproofing Systems

This article relates to a selection of recent Delta structural waterproofing installations in new build housing construction. It illustrates the use of combinations of different types of waterproofing systems defined in BS8102 2009: Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground (Type A barrier, Type B integrally watertight, Type C drained protection) used in combination […]

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basement contiguous piling

Waterproofing of Contiguous Piles

Contiguous piles Contiguous piles have many advantages in the formation of a retaining wall. This method of construction involves the creation of a line of deep bores that are then back filled with concrete. The advantage of this method of construction is that it is possible to support the adjacent structure before bulk excavation takes […]

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AlertMaxx2 Launch, 3 July 2017   On behalf of Delta Membrane Systems Limited and PPS we’d like to thank everyone who joined us at our AlertMaxx2 launch at the BRE , it was an incredible success!! It was an honour to have so many waterproofing experts under the same roof and a privilege to be […]

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Our simple steps on how to avoid a flooded basement

If you have a basement conversation in your home, guaranteed you will have an active sump pump (ground water) and/or foul pump (foul water). A sump pump is key to keeping your home dry, particularly your basement. A sump pump discharges water from accumulating in your basement. A foul water pump is designed to collect […]

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Why condensation is frequency confused with rising damp

Condensation and rising damp share similar characteristics which is one of the main reasons the two are often confused. Condensation Explained Condensation is formed from airborne moisture (atmospheric water) turning from water vapour to liquid. Naturally occurring there is moisture in air at all times. When air cools/expands it is unable to hold moisture (water […]

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