2018 - A Year in Review

Throughout 2018 DELTA MEMBRANE SYSTEMS LIMITED investment in technologies continues to lead the field in innovations within the waterproofing sector. 

We have had a fantastic year and thought we should share some of our highlights.

BBA Certification

We were delighted to receive BBA for our Deuxan 2C.


We were ecstatic to have been named finalists in the Construction New Specialists Awards for “Material Supplier of the Year” and “Innovation of the Year (Non-Contractor)”, shortlisted for “Technical Innovation” and “Technical Excellence” in the prestigious Ground Engineering Awards.  We were named as the Property Care Association’s Winners of “Special Award for Initiative” and Awarded an ASUC (Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors) “Special Achievement” Award and named as finalists in the London Construction Awards!!

New Patent for Flexi Dri Plus Plugs

Delta has been awarded patent number 2698550 by the European Patent Office for innovating the Flexi Dri Plus Plug.

New Brochures

Our new brochures sought to offer expertise in the Structural waterproofing sector.  2018 saw the launch of our Cavity Drain, Basement Pump & Drainage, MemTech and Flood Resilience brochures, we’ve received incredible feedback, which is why we are adding several new brochures to this suite in 2019.

Women of Waterproofing Networking Group

The Women of Waterproofing Networking Group was set up to inspire and empower, developing and encouraging more women into the waterproofing sector and for a greater acceptance of females in a male dominated industry. The Networking Group has flourished, and we look forward to further developing this Networking Group in 2019.


We were thrilled to have joined UK Construction Week for their Quality in Construction Summit, Flood Resilience Summit and UK Construction Week at the NEC.  We also joined forces with the Flood Expo – with key speaker slots.

Flood Resilience

Throughout 2018 we further developed our Flood Resilience practice.  Led by Mary Dhonau, the Cumbria Flood Resilience Showcase Project focused on implementing new protective measures that increase a properties resilience to flooding.  This will mean when a flood does reoccur, the damage will not be as devastating environmentally, economically and socially.

Yellow Channel

October saw the launch of an entirely new product line designed to make channel inspections easier and future maintainable.  With Delta’s new yellow channel ‘free lime’ can easily be identified and then treated.  Free lime is generally white in appearance and can build up to a solid mass, with Delta’s new yellow channel this can easily be visualised during inspection and appropriate action taken.

Newly designed website 

November saw the launch of our newly designed website www.deltamembranes.com.  Our goal was to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers and business partners alike.

Our fantastic new mobile friendly website will offer an easier, fresh approach understanding structural waterproofing.


We’ve had a fantastic 2018 and we look forward to evolving and progressing in 2019

(from new brochures to new CPDs….we hope 2019 is as exhilarating as 2018) 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!


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