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Cavity Drain Membranes

cavity drain membranesDELTA® Cavity Drain Membranes

We have a extensive range of cavity drain membranes to protect your property against the damage of water ingress caused by hydrostatic pressure (groundwater pressure). Our membranes can also be used as protection against rising damp as well as being gas proof.

Internal Cavity Drain Membranes

Our internal membranes are used as a type C waterproofing system forming a waterproof barrier as well as adequately draining the water to a suitable outlet, in most cases a sump pump drainage system.

Before a cavity drain membrane is laid or fitted on walls and floors constructed of new concrete, the concrete surface should be treated to reduce the risk of leaching of free lime and/or mineral salts and to avoid the obstruction of the drainage system. This can be achieved by using our Polysil TG500 anti-lime treatment.

See below our range of cavity drain membranes

  • MS500 –8mm cavity, can be used on walls, floors, above and below ground
  • PT Lath – 8mm cavity, meshed membrane, can be used on walls, above and below ground
  • MS20 20mm cavity, typically used on floors but can be used on walls
  • FM 3mm cavity, typically used on floors above ground but can be used on walls and floors above and below ground.
  • Plasterlath – ~7mm cavity, meshed membrane, can be used on walls, above and below ground
  • PT Slimline – 4mm cavity, meshed damp proofing membrane, ideal for rising damp above ground

Take a look at this video that shows how type C waterproofing works

External Cavity Drain Membranes

Our external membranes are used as a drainage layer as well as protection against our type A waterproofing systems.

  • Geo-Drain Quattro – 9mm cavity, a compact 4 layer membrane system used vertically and/or horizontally
  • NP Drain – 8mm cavity – a compact two layer geocomposite membrane used vertically and/or horizontally
  • Terraxx – Green roofs – 9mm cavity, has a layer of compression-resistant permanent filtration geotextile prevents the dimple structure from being clogged up by sludge. Ideal for green roofs. Used vertically and/or horizontally
  • Floraxx Top – Green roofs 20mm cavity, Water-retaining drainage sheet for perfect green roofs. Used horizontally.
  • MS-Drain – 4mm cavity, integrated drainage layer. Simple and cost-efficient foundation for dry cellar walls. Used vertically

Take a look at this video that shows how our external membranes work

30 year Product Guarantee

Waterproofing guaranteeOur membrane systems can come with a thirty year product guarantee as long as it is installed by one of our registered installers. The guarantee covers the membrane and ancillary components, (With the exception of sump pumps), which should be covered by a separate service agreement. Based on experience, accelerated ageing tests and a quality manufacturing system to ISO 9001, the DELTA® range can also be guaranteed with confidence.

They can also provide installation guarantees, which can be further supported by insurance cover if required. The period of guarantee offered is normally up to 10 years and there is a small premium required for this facility.


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