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System Features


As the membrane systems are mechanically fixed with a range of proprietary fixings, there is no reliance on the ability of the product to bond to the substrate. The system can be applied to a variety of different substrates for example over existing renders or broken down bitumen coatings, etc. This can be easily achieved without detriment to the integrity of the system.

The membranes are sympathetic to the structure, and deemed a reversible system, preparation is minimal.

Damp Pressure Equalisation

The studded structure of the membrane allows the dampness behind the membrane to move in all directions unhindered, therefore the whole of the wall or floor surface takes the damp loading, and damp pressure equalisation is achieved. Failures created by weak points are eliminated. The system does not divert the problem to other areas.


In structures where movement or vibration are a problem, examples being under street vaults, railway arches, and buildings constructed with movement joints, the DELTA system can cope.
The membranes have an elongation break of greater than 50%.


As there is little or no preparation required the system is by comparison quick to install. When dry finishes are used the system is a “fast track” solution. Decoration does not need to be delayed as there is no drying process. DELTA membrane systems are the UK arm of the world’s largest producer of studded membrane systems. The market leading DELTA® brand has a track record exceeding three decades.

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