AlertMaxx2 Launch, 3 July 2017

On behalf of Delta Membrane Systems Limited and PPS we’d like to thank everyone who joined us at our launch at the BRE , it was an incredible success!!

It was an honour to have so many waterproofing experts under the same roof and a privilege to be able to pay tribute to our exceptional customers.

We’d also like to extend our thanks to the BRE for allowing us use of their facilities.  The BRE is a world leading multi-disciplinary building science centre, its core aim is to improve the built environment through research and knowledge.

Our event was hosted in Building 16, which is a large conference venue which offered spacious surrounds.  The event was a huge success with all attendees finding the presentation and demonstration of great interest.  Following the event, guests were offered tours of Innovation ParkThe Princes Natural House and the Flood House (as featured on BBC1 Countryfile) which houses the Delta Membrane Flood Resilience System.

The first AlertMaxx2 has been donated by Delta Membrane Systems Limited and PPS to the BRE for the Flood House, we look forward to monitoring its progress on commissioning.

The AlertMaxx2 is an intelligent high level alarm compatible with the Delta Membrane Type C Waterproofing System.

Some of the newer features:

  • A louder alarm (3 times louder than the AlertMaxx).
  • A simplified display panel.
  • Combines the performances of the AlertMaxx and MessageMaxx, offering a reduction in cost.
  • Is easier to install, needing 1 spur less than the AlertMaxx and Message Maxx.
  • Will inform homeowners when a service is due on their pump station or when their pump station is experiencing irregularities.
  • The ability to ‘health check’ the submersible pump(s) automatically through built in sensors.
  • The AlertMaxx2 collects different parameters of data and variables using smart sensors.
  • Has a ‘heartbeat’.  The ‘heartbeat’ feature health checks the pump(s) and transfers data to PumpSecure. Using algorithms PumpSecure is able to determine if a specific site requires attention.
  • The AlertMaxx2 offers home owners a wide variety of information on their submersible pump(s) and its environment such as how many meggers are used, how much energy is consumed, when the pump(s) cycles and if the pump(s) cycle in an irregular way.

We are looking forward to this new phase of our basement waterproofing journey and hope you will embark on this new phase with us.

PPS are keen to ensure PumpSecure is an inclusive service and are seeking participants to join and be part of the ‘AlertMaxx2 Focus Group’.  A task force to help develop the third party portal to meet third party servicing/business requirements. The event will be held in Central London (venue TBC) on Thursday 27 July 2017 at 4pm with food and drinks afterwards.   If you would like to join the AlertMaxx2 Focus Group please contact Aaron White on AaronWhite@ppsgroupuk.com or 01279 757 400.

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