Design Consideration

One of the main design considerations when designing a Cavity Drain System is to consider managing the collection and discharge of ground, surface and/or foul water.

Most projects will require a collection sump + pump to automatically manage the evacuation of water ingress.  A sump + pump solution will require mains power to operate.

The number of pump systems required for each project will in part depend on the overall basement size, perimeter, discharge invert and the method of drainage – Delta Channel, Modular or combination of the both.

Ground and Surface Water Explained

Our new brochure explored calculating expected water ingress and flow rates.

Groundwater supplies lie in aquifers below the surface of the Earth.  Surface water can be found over land surfaces.  One of the principal differences between surface and ground water is, ground water moves slower than surface water. Ground water experiences more friction as it moves through the pores in soil then surface water experiences, as it flows over the earth’s surface.

From Dual V3 to V6

Discover the Dual range.  A packaged pump station is designed to collect ground water via a perimeter channel, modular drainage, combination of both and/or clear opening to the top of the chamber.  The larger V4 and V6 package pump stations are designed to offer a higher discharge head (typically needed for double and triple depth basements).


We recognise that every project has different requirements and therefore our Technical Team work together as one, to provide tailored solutions that meet specific needs.  We manufacture all our package pump stations in-house from design, through to assembly and testing.  Our Technical Team will help from specification to installation and maintenance.

Wi Fi enabled High level alarms

The Alertmaxx2 is an intelligent Wi-Fi enabled high water level alarm and monitoring system which can be connected to your sump + pump system.  The Alertmaxx2 will monitor the pump stations performance improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

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