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Types of waterproofing

There are 3 types of protection for waterproofing a basement as described in BS 8102:2009 – Type A, B and C. These types of waterproofing are defined as the following:

aType A – Tanked or Barrier Protection

Cementitious or bitumen based products applied internally, externally or sandwiched within the structure. Also external pre-applied bonded sheet membrane can be used for new build constructions.

bType B – Structurally Integral Protection

Water-resistant concrete and waterstops/waterbars at construction joints as an integral water-resistant shell. This form of construction may not be as resistant as Type A and C.

cType C – Drained Protection

Cavity drain membrane applied internally on walls, floors and vaulted ceilings, drainage channels to collect groundwater seepage and sump pumps to remove water to main drainage system or soak-away.

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Combined systems

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