Benefits in using a specialist contractor for Flood Resilience, Resistance and Recoverability Measures

There are several benefits for using a specialist contractor when it comes to flood preventative measures.

For any homeowners who have experienced flooding, it is truly one of the most distressing things that can happen to your home.  The aftermath and recovery not only of your property but your mental health can take weeks/months or even years to rebound from.  Dislocation from homes and disrupted routines are often cited as the major negative personal impacts of flooding.

If you’re worried about the risk of flooding, you’re thinking about buying a house in a flood risk area, or you want to reduce losses from flooding, make sure you have all the facts about flood preventative measures before making any decisions or undertaking any work.

Firstly, if your home has been hit by flooding the most important aspect for you and your family is to stay safe!

Using a specialist contractor for Flood Resilience, Resistance and Recoverability Measures

All properties can be adapted to be more flood recoverable!

You can never eliminate the risk of flooding entirely, but you can take proactive steps to reduce the negative impact of flooding to your property.  Imagine having a flood event and not having to leave your home for remedial works!

There are many different techniques and terminologies – Flood ‘resistance’ typically refers to products which are designed to keep water out of your structure(s). Temporary flood resistance products are those that need deploying (fitting or activating) prior to a flood event whereas permanent flood resistance products do not need activating. Flood ‘resilience’ refers to measures that reduce flood damage to buildings and covers situations where water enters the structure.  Flood ‘recoverability’ typically refers to being able to recover from a flood event which links flood resistance and resilience.  Along with PFR which refers to Property Flood Resilience, PLP – Property Level Protection and PLR Property Level Resistance.

Focus should be on “how do these products offer my property….” Resistance, Resilience or both in Recoverability.

Whilst most handymen and general contractors will understand the workings of a property, do they have specific or specialist knowledge?

Advantages using a Specialist Contractor

  • Specialist Contractors have knowledge of how flooding affects a structure.   Floodwater can rapidly penetrate buildings and structures causing damage to structural elements (not just walls, floors, finishes).
  • Specialist Contractors will have extensive knowledge on vulnerable areas of a structure (weak points).  They’ll examine the external envelope and highlight any of these from defective or decayed materials, cracks in masonry, gaps under doors to ill-fitting windows, and gaps at entry points of services.
  • Specialist Contractors concentrate on their core business.
  • Specialist Contractors will have knowledge on contaminants and ways of dealing with the consequences of contaminated flood water (which is often a significant part of the clean-up and repair process).
  • Specialist Contractors, such as the Delta Registered Installers, undertake training to ensure their knowledge and skills are current and up to date.
  • Specialist Contractors will have knowledge on Regulations, ensuring all works undertaken are fully compliant.
  • Specialist Contractors will anticipate any complications and will design out risk.

Whilst protecting a home from being flooded is not cheap, taking steps to protect your home from flooding may enable you to continue living in your home after a flood event.  Not only that, obtaining insurance at a more affordable rate or reducing the value of any claim made will save money in the long-run.   Insurers will take flood resilience measures into account when providing insurance.

Structural Waterproofing expert’s, such as Delta Membrane Systems Limited’s knowledge-based experience is invaluable in bring tried and tested materials and approaches into flood resilience measures.

Flood resilience is a DEVELOPING SCIENCE and a market opportunity for `Joined up Thinking` through better thinking, we can evolve solutions, we can build on service and ultimately a better future for everyone.

Flood damage can be prevented or mitigated by taking precautions to protect a building – don’t be fooled into thinking sandbags will save your home.

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