Delta Membrane Systems Limited attends the BRE Urban Flood Resilience Innovation, Innovation-UK Project:Dissemination Event, BRE Innovation Park, Ravenscraig, 7 September 2017.

As part of Delta’s continuing research and development programme into flood resilient systems, our Technical Consultant, Michael Vernon was pleased to attend the BRE Urban Flood Resilience Dissemination Seminar on Thursday 7 September at the BRE Innovation Park, Ravenscraig.

The event was hosted by the Director of the BRE Dr Stephen Garvin. Dr Garvin was closely involved in the development of the Flood Resilient Repair Home at BRE Innovation Park, Watford.

Other speakers included Rob Dakin of AXA Insurance and Dermot McNally of Lexis Nexis.

The purpose of the event was to give an insight into considerations that Insurance companies take into account when considering flood risk and awarding of insurance policies. It also gave a strong indication of the types of technical criteria and resilient measures that insurance companies will be looking for in the future, including homes and businesses where Delta leak stopping, cavity drainage and sump pump technology can be used to protect buildings from flooding (Flood Resistance) and to drain and mitigate the effects of flooding should water enter a building (Flood Resilience).

Delta products, (cavity membranes and drainage products) can be used not only to block or slow down water but also to drastically speed up re-occupation time after a flood event. For example, Delta’s unique air gap technology not only enables water to drain away, it also allows structures to continue to dry out passively long after the building has been re-occupied, so protecting new finishes and saving huge amounts of insurance company money which would otherwise be diverted to providing temporary accommodation for residents and enabling residents to get back to their homes and businesses sooner. Delta products can be used and integrated together to comply with design guidance given in BS85500:2015 Flood Resistant and Resilient Construction – Guide to Improving the Flood Performance of Buildings.

Dr Garvin also introduced the concept of the “Property Flood Resilient Database”, which is a project currently under development with BRE, AXA Insurance and Lexis Nexis (the database consultants). In essence, the Property Flood Resilient Database (PFRd) will be a practical IT and web based tool that insurance companies can use to assess flood risk to any property in the United Kingdom. The risk assessment is formed as part of a “points score” based system. Points indicating risk factors will be accrued or subtracted on the basis of location, area flood event history, form of construction, installed structural flood resilience measures, flood resilient internal finishes etc.

The event also comprised a lively debate regarding potential design responsibility, potential liability, qualified installers, design rationale and what criteria should be met by future Flood Surveyors.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is pleased to offer support where needed and to be involved in the technical and wider industry debates that are currently moulding this relatively young industry sector. Flooding is a growing threat and a potentially long term and devastating blight on people’s lives. Delta Membrane Systems Limited is proud to be at the cutting edge of flood resilience construction and research, bringing safety and security to people’s homes and businesses.

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