The scope of the project was to transform a period family home’s existing dark basement, into a modern, light, gym facility.

Delta Registered Installers, Pure Basement Systems were appointed as Waterproofing Specialists to undertake both the waterproofing design and installation of the waterproofing solution to this project.

A must-have for anyone serious about fitness, a home gym allows you to skip the commute, giving a stress-free, effective workout, at a time that suits.

Basements and cellars within the UK are mainly found in older properties, built as utility area/storage space or for servant quarters/kitchens.   Older properties are typically constructed without any form of modern-day waterproofing.

All structures, however damp, degraded or contaminated can be retrofitted into a dry, fully functioning habitable space.

Whether retrofitting a waterproofing system or installing a new waterproofing system, BS 8102:2022 protection of below ground structures against water ingress. Code of Practice should always be incorporated into the waterproofing design.


Pure Basement Systems initially met with the homeowners to discuss their project needs.  Once the project needs had been established, consideration to the most suitable waterproofing solution were addressed.

There are two general methods for waterproofing existing basements:

British Standard 8102:2022, describes these types of waterproofing:

Type A (barrier) protection                

Protection against water ingress which is dependent on a separate barrier system applied to the structure.

Type C (drained) protection

Protection against water ingress into usable spaces which is provided by the incorporation of an appropriate internal water management system.

After undertaking site inspections, Pure Basement Systems recommended using a Delta Type C, Cavity Drained waterproofing solution.  Type C, Cavity Drained Protection is generally considered to be the most reliable form of waterproofing and a popular option for retrofitting basements and cellars.

As the name implies, Type C, Cavity Drained Waterproofing provides a ‘drained protection’. Drained Protection is often required when any earth retaining wall is subject to hydrostatic pressure.

Delta’s Type C membranes are textured, breathable membranes which are installed to the entire inside of a basement.  Delta MS 500 was installed to all wall areas, with Delta MS 20 installed to all floor areas.

Part of this ‘controlled system’ is basement drainage.  Any water ingress which penetrates the basement, is directed into perimeter drainage channels which this then efficiently disperse to a sump pump station.  Once collected in the sump pump chamber, the water is then pumped to a suitable evacuation point.

The incorporation of a new basement slab allowed for easy installation of the Delta V3 Sump Pump and perimeter drainage channel.

Case Study Results

Pure Basement Systems transformed what was a dark unused basement into a dry habitable home gym.   The homeowners were delighted with their new space, it has given them complete control over the design of their home fitness room.

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