Main Contractor: Oaks Damp Proofing

oaks dampThis is a good example of how to waterproof a lightwell. Oaks Damp Proofing waterproofed a lightwell on one of their projects which was a Grade 1 listed building. This system can be used on heritage projects as it is a reversible system that does not damage the structural integrity of the building.


Delta PT-Lath meshed membrane was applied to the walls with the fixings at a maximum of 250mm centres. The Delta range of sealing tapes were used to seal any overlaps, joints and detailing (corner details). As you can see in the photo below Delta Fleece Tape (the grey tape on the corners) was used to seal around corner details and overseal any overlapped sections of the membrane.

waterproof lightwell

System Components

Case Study Results

lightwell waterproofed

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