waterproof balconies

Counting on Köster

Easy application to the most complex of architectural details is promised with Köster 21 – a two-component, solvent-free, multiple use crack bridging waterproofing coating from Delta Membrane Systems. This elastic, crack-bridging waterproofing material offers excellent adhesion to dry and moist substrates and – being liquid applied – it creates a seamless coating around difficult or […]

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New Drainage & Sump Pump Brochure

Comprehensive details on an extensive range of pumped drainage systems are included in a new 28 page brochure from Delta Membrane Systems, produced in association with the company’s service partner PPS – Packaged Pump Systems.

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Delta BBA Certification Renewed

Waterproofing products from Delta Membrane’s extensive System 500 range have had their BBA Certification renewed. Four of the products are included in Agrement Certificate No. 00/3742. They include Delta-MS20 – a moulded HDPE sheet used as damp-proofing on walls, floors and arches to support a dry lining or flooring. It can be employed in new […]

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