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Drainage & Sump Pumps

Sump Pump Water Drainage System

To manage the water that is drained from the DELTA® cavity membrane systems we provide Basement Drainage solutions for your basement.

Our Groundwater Drainage solution is a packaged pump station designed to collect groundwater through the clear opening in the top of the chamber or introduced through the side either via a DELTA perimeter channel system or Modular system (DELTA floor drain design 129), via the three 110mm side push-fit inlets, for example, the collection of water from light wells. View the video below to see how our Dual V3 groundwater pumping station manages groundwater ingress.

We also supply Foul drainage solutions for W.C. drainage. Our Foul packaged pump stations can also collect grey water from sinks, showers, washing machines, and dishwashers.

The side inlets also provide a useful means of collecting water from restricted areas by means of 110mm drainage pipe set in the floor design, level with the slab.

The package comprises two V3 pumps set at different levels to act as duty assist or duty standby. All internal pipe work is pre assembled within the chamber including non-return valves and a gate valve for isolation purposes.

The package is delivered only requiring connection of two unions to complete all internal pipe work. A high level alarm is recommended. The alarm, AlertMaxx, is part of a family of products “The MaxxConnect™ Family” which offers protection and backup for your pumping station.

The pump station would be selected in applications where running water is present or expected. Bespoke designs are available on request.

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basement pump maintenance After Sales Service

PPS provide comprehensive maintenance and service support for all installations of our packaged pump stations. They have a team of fully trained service engineers who are able to maintain both our manufactured equipment as well as booster set/pressurisation set and rain water harvesting systems. They offer both one off servicing and repairs as well as preventative maintenance agreements. Clients who are on a service agreement have access to a 24hr/365 day call out facilities. For more information you can visit their website at  www.ppsgroupuk.com


For any queries on cellar drainage equipment, basement waterproofing solutions or structural waterproofing systems please contact us.

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