Delta Membrane Systems Limited announced the launch of Delta Pumps

Delta Membrane Systems Limited announced the launch of Delta Pumps a new department within the business dedicated to basement drainage (including ground, foul and surface water sump pump stations).

When working on any kind of below ground or waterproofing project, waterproofing design is an integral part of the specification process and successful waterproofing solution.  Delta’s new dedicated Delta Pumps department unites our multi-disciplinary team of Structural Waterproofing Consultants with our Pump Specification Technicians whose roles within the business are to revolve around all thing’s basement drainage with a complimentary team of warehouse professionals who fabricate the package pump stations and manage the distribution hub.

Basement drainage ‘pumped systems’ should be engineered to cope with worst-case scenario of water ingress.  It should always be assumed that ground water is expected to rise against any structure at some point during its service life.  Waterproofing designs should always be to the full height of the external ground level with consideration to the connection with the dpc 150mm above ground level. This may be within the cavity or dressed externally with a flashing.

Delta’s Managing Director, David Symes said “Delta Pumps will concentrate the business’s expertise in the specific area of basement drainage, as a business we do not underestimate the importance of customer satisfaction.  We believe this dedicated department will offer our customers a unique buying journey.  We’re not just selling pumps and products, we’re selling a solution, with focus on correct specification.”

“We have an impressive new warehouse covering 3,500 sq. ft of space filled with package pump stations (covering surface, ground and foul water), high water level alarms, control panels, battery backups along with pipework and associated fittings for the pump stations.”

“At the heart of any successful business, is product development and testing.  We have gone above and beyond with our product testing; I believe our basement drainage products really are the best on the market.  From the design of our chambers to the pumps.”

“Delta’s team of Pump Specification Technicians will focus on assisting and facilitating correct specification of sump pumps.  From our experience and technical expertise, we see this service as being a huge benefit to our customers.

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