The theme of Ecobuild 2017 was Regeneration.

How can we sustain our building industry? If current trends remain the same as at present, within 35 years we will need a second planet to satisfy demand. There is no second planet option available so how do we ensure we (the building industry and home owners alike) look after our planet when it comes to building?

Every mindful business within the construction sector shares concerns at the continuous consumption of world finite resources and energy. The UK housing market is in constant demand (as is the world housing market) and the ever increasing population (statistics show a population the size of London is added to the planet every month) which needs addressing in a sensible fashion.

How can we create a cleaner, greener, more energy efficient and sustainable built environment was a topic discussed at every avenue at Ecobuild.

Leading partners and sponsors of Ecobuild were:

  • UK Green Building Council
  • Department for International Trade
  • BRE
  • RIBA
  • ICE
  • CIAT
  • CPA

The Basement Information Centre (TBIC)

The Basement Information Centre sought to promote its place within the construction industry and to highlight how it endeavours to encourage the development of members within the Basement Construction Industry by offering guidance.

The Basement Information Centre is well placed within the jurisdiction of the (MPA) The Concrete Centre.

During Ecobuild 2017 The Basement Information Centre, could be found at Stand E147 within the concrete and masonry pavilion. The 3 day event saw homeowners, developers, specifiers, architects, engineers; PHD students and builders alike visit The ExCel (London’s largest conference facility).

Various attendees from across the sectors visited The Basement Information Centre during Ecobuild with queries on their projects (from new developments to those with existing structures (retro-fit basements)).

Delta Membrane Systems Limited’s role in assisting the TBIC at Ecobuild

Delta Membrane Systems Limited supports fully The Basement Information Centre in their endeavours to create a great name for the basement extension industry. Having manufacturers and solution providers working together to create a harmonious information hub will enable integrated activities and product selection.

Georgia Burbridge and Rachel Munro of Delta Membranes had the pleasure of assisting the TBIC stand on Wednesday 8th March. Georgia was on hand to answer the numerous questions raised on the waterproofing/damp proofing side.

The day was a huge success with other Exhibitors showing an interest and the opportunity to share knowledge soon arose.

On Thursday 9th March, Marc Hutchison of Delta Membrane Systems Ltd captured a large audience when he gave a 15 minute talk, entitled “Basements and waterproofing – essential information”. Marc’s presentation followed that of Jenny Burridge, Head of Structural Engineering at the Concrete Centre whose talk ‘Essential guidance for designing and detailing basements’ gave knowledgeable guidance and detailing.

Marc focused on explaining the principles of waterproofing and the solutions available for domestic basements, taking into consideration the latest standards and best practice.

Marc was asked several questions during the “Ask The Expert” session which was yet another success for The Basement Information Centre.

Ecobuild Analysis

The Ecobuild Expo had a clear agenda for 2017 and it met and exceeded these expectations. Awards were won, businesses showed forward-thinking and professionals within the built environment clearly outlined targets, home owners were offered advice and solutions whilst the environment was at the forefront of discussions.

Even one of Ecobuild’s most well known attendees, Herbert the world famous Dulux dog had crowd stopping appeal.

If you have any questions or queries which were not raised at Ecobuild which you would like assistance with, please contact us on 01992 523 523 or email info@deltamembranes.com.

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