FloodRecover™ - A new partnership in PFR Solutions

Delta Membrane Systems Limited, Aquobex, Dragonboard, Timberwise, Sealwise and OGKitchens proudly announce their UK FloodRecover™ partnership, whereby the six companies will combine their expertise in property flood resilience (PFR) to provide homeowners and business owners a complete packaged solution to flood resilience, resistance and recoverability.

All properties can be adapted to be more flood recoverable.

FloodRecover™ will enable cost effective and insurable flood resilient repairs to properties, of all types.

FloodRecover’s commitment to PFR is exampled in the BRE, Flood Resilience Home.  This property achieved resistance to flood water, up to 600mm (2 feet) deep, and resilience to the effects of being flooded beyond that, as it was designed to dry out quickly and to enable occupants to move back into in the property in a truly short time after a flood incident.  FloodRecover™ is set to become benchmark in property flood resilience with all seven companies having expertise in their fields offering an unparalleled approach.

FloodRecover™ will be delivering excellence to their customers whilst reshaping sustainable flood recoverable solutions, this collaboration will help #BuildBackBetter.

Kevin Dodds, Managing Director of Delta Membranes, commented: “Delta are proud to be partnering FloodRecover™, in establishing both a technical consultancy and product management service we believe home and business owners will have a far more streamlined access to flood resilience measures.  Our experienced team will be able to deliver a complete solution or bespoke service, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.”

John Alexander, Aquobex, commented “Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service within our industry, focussing on an unparalleled attention to detail, operating as if each project were our own.  Product testing has been at the heart of Aquobex for many years, we believe in designing and engineering world-class flood protection solutions.  Our research-led approach is based on our deep understanding of the built environment and developing that to a rapidly changing climate.  We pioneer new approaches to flood management solutions from property level resilience to strategic city planning.”

If your home or business premises has been affected by flooding or you would like to find out more on FloodRecover™ and the benefits of installing PFR solutions to your property.  Please contact Delta’s Technical Team on 01992 523 523 or email info@deltamembranes.com.

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