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DELTA® Green Roofs

Flat roofs have always been put to a variety of uses. As a patio to relax with family or for games and activities are just a couple of examples.

However as of late, flat roofs favoured use has taken a turn, and partial or complete seeding or planting is the new trend transforming them into Green roofs!

There are a wealth of benefits in investing in a green roof, just a few of these include:

  • Adds a new realm of design and features that you can add to your home
  • Improves the quality of life, efficiency and value of a property
  • Is environmentally friendly and creates a habitat for many plants and insects to thrive.

However, you can encounter nothing but issues if you don’t ensure that your green roof is properly waterproofed before you complete it.

Rainwater needs to be able to safely drain away at both the surface level and at the waterproofing level. Thus, the construction of the green roof must include an efficient structural drainage system to ensure the stagnant water doesn’t cause damage to the foundations of the property.

There are different types of green roofs that you can create for your home and achieving either of these requires a lot of initial research and due care whilst constructing.

What green roof membrane to use:

green roof drainage sheet
DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP is a water-retaining drainage sheet with an integrated geotextile for perfect green roofs. Innovative octagonal dimples for outstanding compressive strength. One sheet for drainage, water storage and filtration. Easy and quick to lay out straight from the roll.

roof garden membrane
is a dimpled sheet which acts as a surface drainage layer. Laminated on to the dimpled sheet, a layer of compression-resistant permanent filtration geotextile prevents the dimple structure from being clogged up by sludge, thus guaranteeing optimum drainage in the long run. Terraxx is an external membrane that can be used vertically and horizontally.

DELTA® Floraxx Green Roofs Terraxx Horizontal

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