In 1892 Dr Carl Dorken and Ewald Dorken founded the Dorken company.  When Dorken was first founded it was for the production of lacquers, paints and anti-corrosion paints.  Over the next 10 years Dr Carl Dorken developed methods for manufacturing these paints.  Under the EBRUIT brand these speciality paints became a leading brand.


Dorken commenced production of roofing membranes for railway carriages.  This was the basis for the company’s future involvement in composite construction sheets.

In 1929 Ewald Dorken AG is founded.


Dorken begin production of reinforced composite sheets.  The development of DELTA-FOL SPF starts the Company’s European Success in Synthetic roofing underlayments under the 3rd generation of Dorken leadership. This lead to the production of air-gap membranes for foundation moisture protection (Delta MS) was launched.  The brown dimple sheet with orange stripe quickly became a well known company trademark.

Following this:

Delta Terraxx, an innovative, durable high-performance drainage and protection sheet for perimeter insulation and various substrates are launched.


The Delta Dorken brand celebrates a 125 years.  125 Years of protection!  No one knows protection like we know protection.  We’ve learnt how to protect buildings from the most extreme conditions imaginable all over the world. 

Our mission

Our mission is to be the most knowledgeable and reliable manufacturer and supplier of high performance moisture barriers within the United Kingdom.  With a knowledgeable technical team and excellent customer service, we strive to be the market leader.  We provide professional support for builders, architects, engineers, contractors and self-builders.  Our goal is to ensure our customers select the right product for their building project.  We specialize in high performance moisture barriers that provide superior protection within the structural waterproofing environment.

We offer educational programmes to promote the standard within the industry.

Quality and Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability and the environment is future-oriented.  We have a constant and never-ending commitment to improvement.  Combining quality, safety and environmental management into every project is at our forefront.  Building sustainability is a necessity; therefore we do not manufacture products or by-products which can have a negative impact on our environment.

We are guided by our commitment to quality.  We only work to high standards, plain and simple.

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