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Ground Gas Protection

Gas Barrier and Ground Gas Protection

Brownfield land is a word specifically used to describe land which has previously been used for commercial or industrial purposes with suspected or known contamination (such as pollution or soil contamination) or land which has been in close proximity to pollution, hazardous waste or soil contamination. The Government pledged in April 2017 to unlock Brownfield land to accommodate our […]

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sump pump

7 Interesting facts about Submersible Pumps (Sump Pumps)

7 Interesting facts about Submersible Pumps (Sump Pumps) Do all homes with a basement or crawl space need a sump pump? Sump pumps are usually installed for 3 reasons: the water table is equal or above the foundation of the structure the structure maybe built in an area which is prone to flooding You may […]

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Technical Drawing

Technical Drawings

Good technical drawings reduce risk. Here at Delta, we understand the importance of technical drawings.  Our bank of new technical drawings, visually communicate effectively how our waterproofing management systems function, are drafted according to industry standards and offer visual advice how they should be constructed having been produced by our experienced and knowledgeable Technical Team. […]

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Flood Resilience

BRE Urban Flood Resilience Innovation

Delta Membrane Systems Limited attends the BRE Urban Flood Resilience Innovation, Innovation-UK Project:Dissemination Event, BRE Innovation Park, Ravenscraig, 7 September 2017. As part of Delta’s continuing research and development programme into flood resilient systems, our Technical Consultant, Michael Vernon was pleased to attend the BRE Urban Flood Resilience Dissemination Seminar on Thursday 7 September at […]

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CSSW qualified professional

The importance of using a CSSW qualified professional in structural waterproofing projects

It is not only the required criteria for many specialist buildings insurance companies such as Premier Guarantee, LABC, BLP and the NHBC to mention a few nowadays that a CSSW qualified person is involved in the design process for structural waterproofing, which in turn reduces risk of catastrophic failure, but it is also now more […]

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Waterproofing combined

Combination Waterproofing Systems

This article relates to a selection of recent Delta structural waterproofing installations in new build housing construction. It illustrates the use of combinations of different types of waterproofing systems defined in BS8102 2009: Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground (Type A barrier, Type B integrally watertight, Type C drained protection) used in combination […]

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