New Groundwater Sump Pump Stations

Delta Membrane Systems launches new 895 Foul Water Sump Pump Chamber

The Delta 895 chambers are designed for foul and grey water collection.  The Delta V3 Foul Packaged Pump Stations are suitable for collecting wastewater from the kitchens, bathrooms and/or utility rooms and discharging this into the mains drainage system.

The Delta Foul V3 is an effective way of moving foul/grey water to where it needs to be.

Advantages of the 895 Sump Pump Chambers:

  • New unique design
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Preformed Base Plate for pump location and install stability
  • Preformed float backet for Delta HLA
  • Sealing lip
  • Compatible with the Delta V3 Foul sump pumps
  • New slim lid able to withstand pedestrian traffic
  • Increased storage capacity

New unique design

The Delta 895 chamber offers the next level in foul water collection chambers.  Its compact new size doesn’t compromise of capacity or durability.  This specially designed chamber offers a large storage dimension, not forgetting the all-important cost savings – less excavation costs, less labour costs, less requirement for concrete/steel (when housed).

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite element analysis is the process of replicating the behaviour of a part or assembly (in this case the Delta 895 chamber) under given conditions so that it can be assessed using the finite element method (FEM).

Preformed Base Plate for pump location and install stability

The uniquely designed preformed base plate, helps installers locate within the 895 chamber the correct location for the Delta V3 Foul pump to sit, negating incorrect installation.

External Sealing lip

Reducing Risk – we’ve added an external sealing lip to the 895 chambers.  This sealing lip will allow installers to apply Delta AKTI-VO 201 (swellable mastic) to the entire external lip locator of chamber.    Once the sump chamber is backfilled this seal will offer a continuous waterproofing approach.

Compatible with the Delta V3 Foul Sump Pump

The Delta 895 chamber is fully compatible with the Delta V3 Foul submersible pump.  Superior design, precision manufacturing and high-quality assurance has made Delta a trusted name for package pump stations. The robust and reliable Delta Foul V3 is an exceptionally popular choice with waterproofing professionals due to its generous sized motor, thermal overload protection and ease of installation. The powerful Vortex pump offers innovative design and advanced technology making it extremely dependable even when subjected to continuous use (subject to correct installation).

New slim lid able to withstand pedestrian traffic

Follow-on construction trades on occasion, can be hazardous to basement drainage systems, and it should be accepted a certain amount of risk to the pump stations may be encountered.  A damaged chamber lid can lead to debris and other construction waste entering the pump system.  An inoperable chamber lid can make it impossible to inspect, service or commission the sump pump system.   The new Delta 895 chamber not only has a slimmer lid to previous models, it’s also able to withstand pedestrian traffic, mitigating any follow-on trade accidents.

Delta Pumps are proud to be manufacturing and fabricating all their sump pump chambers from their new warehouse facilities in a new dedicated Pump Distribution Hub close to its Epping Headquarters to enhances the company’s ability to serve their nationwide customer base.

To explore the new range of Delta Pumps visit Package Pumps and Basement Drainage Systems – Delta Membranes.

Whatever the needs of your project, you can rely on Delta’s Technical Team to ensure you get the right advice, support, and practical help at exactly the right time its required.  Call us today on 01992 523 523 or email info@deltamembranes.com.


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