Storm Doris

Without doubt Storm Doris has hit the United Kingdom. This ‘weather bomb’ has crossed the Atlantic and has made an immediate first impression.

Before 10am on 23 February 2017 it was reported that 8,000 homes and businesses are currently without power due overhead line failure and fallen trees.

As the Met office issues severe weather warnings; East Anglia, North Wales and the Midlands are already seeing winds reaching 94 mph. Higher areas such as Scotland are seeing unexpected snow fall.

Heathrow Airport has reported flight cancellations and commuters are warned to expect severe road and rail delays.

As Britain braces itself for winds strong enough to topple trees, damage buildings, knock out power supplies and sweep up “flying debris”, homeowners need to prepare for natural hazards.

PowerMaxx Battery Backup

The MaxxConnect™ family is a range of products specifically designed for the basement waterproofing pump industry and flood resilience/resilient sectors. The MaxxConnect™ family consists of 3 products:

  • the AlertMaxx.  A high level alarm to alert when there’s a potential fault or if a service is required,
  • the PowerMaxx. The first battery backupsystem which has been solely designed for the basement and flood risk sectors.
  • the MessageMaxx. A telemetry which has the ability to send alert messages to up to 5 mobile phones and transfer data remotely.

The PowerMaxx is specifically designed for pump application. The PowerMaxx battery backup has been designed to offer maximum functionality, superior efficiency and ease of installation and service.

During power failure the PowerMaxx automatically take over running pumps ensuring your basement/property remains water tight.

The PowerMaxx is a free standing, seeking no additional electrical supply. This unique battery backup automatically recharges from mains (when power returns). The PowerMaxx can be installed in any dry ventilated area.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed to offer battery backup in cases of power failure
  • Serves two, V3 ground water pumps
  • Will power a pump for 4 days based on 1 cycle/hr
  • Operates in standby mode for 10-15 days when two pumps are attached (0 cycles)
  • Operates in standby mode for 20-25 days when one pump is attached (0 cycles)
  • Can operate as a standalone unit
  • Can be retrofitted to existing installations
  • Communicates to other products in the MaxxConnect family

Cost Effective

The PowerMaxx is unprecedented in offering value for money. It is the only battery backup on the market offering superior smart technology and added reassurance to home owners.

The PowerMaxx offers complete peace of mind should the unimaginable arise. Catastrophic acts of god such as Storm Doris could incur expensive insurance claims should water damage affect your property.

Home Insurance

Home insurance coverage for water damage varies (depending on the cause). During unprecedented storms such as a thunderstorm, ice/hail damage or acts of god these tend to be covered whilst flood damage caused by rain storms or overflowing rivers may not. We recommend you review your home insurance coverage in fine detail and where possible consider additional flood insurance.

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