AlertMaxx pump alarm

high level alarm

An innovative, independent high level alarm normally powered by 240V with battery backup in case of power failure. In it’s basic format it is easy to install requiring just two fixings and connection of mains power and float switch.
The control panel show its status – All OK, High level alarm, Mains failure & Service required and is clearly displayed via simple LED language. Volt free contact are included as standard where connectivity to building management systems is required. It is part of the MaxxConnect products, the MessageMaxx can be added on to form a telemetry system sending up alert messages to up to 5 mobile phones. Click to view full details MaxxConnect™

As an option an cable can be supplied to download the internal log from AlertMaxx to either a PC or iPad showing all events that have occurred in the past.

basement drainageAlertMaxx is available to suit two applications;

  • Ground water – AlertMaxx is supplied with a ‘broken finger’ float switch. This gives accurate operation and allows an alarm signal to be given after pump one fails, leaving pump two (where fitted). Order code DMS 270
  • Foul water – AlertMaxx is supplied with a robust & reliable pendant type float switch to be fixed to pipework, pump or free hanging utilising a float weight (optional extra) to allow correct operation. Order code DMS 269

Features, Functions & Benefits:

  • Simply installation
  • Audible & visual warnings
  • Battery backup in case of mains power failure
  • Service reminder
  • Talks to other products in the Maxx family
  • Has the option to add on the MessageMaxx telemetry system to alert you when you are away from the property
  • And the AwareMaxx Buzzer Box to make the alarm sound louder
  • Contains a retrievable log

AlertMaxx mains powered/mains independent high level alarm, including volt free contacts and down loadable logging function.

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Product code:DMS269 & DMS270
Contents:Control panel & float switch

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