Single V3 Sump Pump Station

Sump pump station

The Single V3 packaged pump station designed to collect ground water from a cavity membrane system through the clear opening to the top of the chamber. This pump station would be selected where no running water is present or expected and therefore is for protection only. The Single V3 pump station has been specifically designed for below ground applications. The chamber is manufactured from HDPE and able to withstand hydrostatic forces encountered in applications with high water tables. The pump station is delivered as a complete package including chamber, all internal pipe work and one powerful V3 pump. A high level alarm is offered as a recommended option. The alarm, AlertMaxx, is part of a family of products “The MaxxConnect™ Family” which offers protection and backup for your pumping station. It is designed to be installed by contractors with competent building, plumbing and electrical skills.

Technical Diagram

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Product code:DMS047
Contents:Chamber with 1 V3 Pump inside plus fittings

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