Battery Backup V3 Plus XL

Battery Backup V3 Plus XL

The Delta Battery Backup V3 XL is specifically designed for basement drainage systems (submersible pumps/sump pumps) when there is a loss of mains power. The Delta Battery Backup V3 XL will keep submersible pumps running during a power outage, ensuring pumps are continuously running, keeping structures dry.

The Delta Battery Backup V3 XL provides abundant battery backup power, so your sump pump system can continue working through short and medium length power outages. Safeguarding your sump pump equipment and keeping basements remaining dry.

The Delta Battery Backup V3 XL will provide power for 240 hours* to one or two Delta V3 pumps (not simultaneously) in case of a loss of mains power.. If power failure occurs, the pumps(s) automatically take power from the Delta Battery Backup V3 XL.

Simple to use and easy to install – the Delta Battery Backup V3 XL will clearly display status and comprehensive fault codes.

* Based on PCA guidance of minimum 3 activations per hour.

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Delta Battery Backup V3 Plus XL
  • Capable of running both primary and secondary pump(s)
  • Capable of running 1 x V3 ground water pump without mains power for up to 10 days (depending on number of cycles/hr)
  • Industry leading backup power
  • Quick charge to top-up the battery from empty
  • Digital display to show status and comprehensive fault codes
  • Virtually inaudible and offers tamper-proof installation
  • Operates as a standby unit or can be used in conjunction with Delta HLA and compatible Control Panels
Product Details
Delta Battery Backup V3 Plus XL
Product Code:
DMS E025
Nominal Voltage:
220–240 VAC
Nominal Frequency:
50 Hz
Nominal Current:
9.7 A
3 batteries, 100 Ah
Battery Type:
Maintenance-free lead based
Protection devices:
Invertor protection fuse
Fuse charge protection
Case Construction:
Metal, IP55
9 kg (excl. batteries)
Locking with coded key
Delta Battery Backup V3 Plus XL
  • NBS Specification R18 (Clause 310) Pumping Stations and Pressure Pipelines
  • BS 8102:2022 Type C Drained Protection
  • European Directive 2006/95/CE
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC
  • And these harmonised standards as applicable:
    EN 61439-1, EN 61439-2, EN 60204-1, EN 55014-1,
    EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3


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