Battery Back-ups

battery backup

Battery Backups for your sump pumps

Our battery backups are to be used with our pumps to keep them running in case of power failure. They are designed to be located outside the sump in a convenient and dry location.

PowerMaxx – Battery Backup

The PowerMaxx battery backup unit has been specifically designed to run up to two V3 pumps, Single V3 & Dual V3.

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PowerMaxx Plus – Battery Backuppowerful battery backup

The PowerMaxx+ battery backup is a more resilient, longer lasting battery backup for our V3 groundwater pumps, Single V3 & Dual V3.

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Hi PowerMaxx – Battery Backupbattery backup

The Hi PowerMaxx is a high powered battery backup to be used with our more powerful pumps, Dual V4 & V6, Foul and bespoke range.

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Product code:DMS070 / DMS365 / DMS364

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