external waterproofing membrane

External waterproofing membrane that drains groundwater away from your property reducing the hydrostatic pressure (water pressure), a compact two layer geocomposite membrane. High drainage capacity through specially-configured dimples. Acts as a protection and drainage layer up to 5m deep.

With its high compressive strength, this drainage and waterproofing system solves every problem: Whether installed vertically or horizontally, DELTA®-NPDRAIN external waterproofing membrane guarantees maximum safety in damp proofing applications.

We recommend this membrane to be used with a primary waterproofer like the Koster Deuxan 2c,  Koster 21 or KBE Liquid film.

How to fix & seal the membrane

When applying the membrane vertically it is fixed along the top edge every half a metre with our Geo-Drain Clips, you can cap the top of with MS-Profile which fixes into the geo-drain clips with ease. For easy overlapping, each sheet features an undimpled strip approx. 14 cm wide along one edge. Lift up the geotextile and push the next sheet underneath it. To seal overlapped joints you can use our double-sided tape.

External waterproofing membraneWhen applying externally it does not need to be fixed, only laid flat on top of the primary waterproofer and sealed at the overlapped joints with our double-sided tape.


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Product code:DMS022
Material:high density polyethylene
Temperature Resistance:-30 °C to +80 °C
Stud Height:approx. 8 mm
Roll Size:2m x 20m
Compressive Strength:approx. 150 kN/m2
Drainage (l/s · m):approx. 2.25 l/s · m

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