DELTA® Drainage Channel

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DELTA® Drainage Channel is a water collection conduit which is bedded into a preformed channel at the floor/wall angle. Holes in the channel walls allow water to ingress at this point to drain away to a sump.  We offer an option of having the channel with or without a 20mm upstand. Jetting eyes, (DMS094), are available to allow maintenance and inspection. The channel system is joined with a range of connectors:

Corner piece for drainage channel Corner piece connector – Product code: DMS182
Used where a 90 degree bend is required between channel sections. The corner connectors are universal and can be used for internal or external angles. If required, a jetting eye can be fitted for maintenance access.
T-Piece for drainage channel ‘T’-piece connector – Product code: DMS183
The ‘T’-piece connector is used where a 90 degree junction is needed to either run across the floor or to feed the discharge into the sump. If required, a jetting eye can be fitted for maintenance access.
End Cap for drainage channel End cap – Product code: DMS184
These are used to blank off ends of channel runs. They are also used to reduce the discharge to 40mm diameter before entering the sump. This is done with standard plumbing pipe, which is solvent welded onto the adaptor. The end cap has a pop-out feature so you can use it as either an end cap or drainage connector/reducer.
Jetting eye for drainage channel Jetting Eyes – Product code: DMS094
Jetting eyes can be installed onto the easy push out connectors, on the Corner piece and ‘T’-piece, using solvent weld.
Straight Connector for drainage channel Straight connector – Product code: DMS310
Used to connect channel sections together.

Technical DrawingsDimensions

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Product code:DMS207 / DMS208
Size:Width: 80mm Depth: 50mm Length: 2m

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