Delta Dual V4 800 Series Package

Delta Dual V4 800 Series Package

Sump and Chamber

The Delta V4, 800 series have the ability to offer bespoke solutions for any pumping requirement of below ground applications where hydrostatic water pressure may be present. The Dual V4 offers a higher discharge head to the V3 range. The 800 series pump chambers are compatible with a range of free standing and guide rail mounted pumps. The 800 series ground & surface water pump stations are available in depths from 800mm– 2000mm. Applications include collecting ground water from a Type C cavity membrane system or surface water from roofs and patios subject to selection criteria.

Delta HLA

The Delta HLA is an independent pump station high water level alarm, powered by 240V with a 6V battery backup in case of mains power failure.  The alarm offers simple installation, requiring 4 fixings and connection of mains power, pump/s and a float switch. Status for ‘All OK’, high water alarm, and mains failure are clearly displayed on the front fascia via a green and red LED.

Battery Backup

The Hi-PowerMaxx2 will provide power to one or two V4 800 series pumps if power failure occurs. Simple to use and easy to install – the Hi-PowerMaxx2’s digital display clearly hows
status and comprehensive fault codes. Once mains power is restored the Hi-PowerMaxx2 will fully recharge automatically.

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Delta Dual V4 800 Series Package
  • Delta Dual V4 800 (800 x 1300) Sump Pump Station
  • Delta HLA
  • Delta Hi-PowerMaxx2 Battery Backup
  • Cost effect – saving money when purchased as a complete package
  • Perfect match of basement drainage equipment
  • Smart features
  • Ready for immediate and simple installation
  • Suitable for new, existing and retrofit basement projects
  • Suitable for residential, commercial and heritage buildings
  • Suitable for flood resilience
  • Robust and reliable
  • Selected by industry experts
Product Details
Delta Dual V4 800 Series Package
Product Code:
DMS 586
Delta Dual V4 800 Series Package
  • NBS Specification R18 (Clause 310) Pumping Stations and Pressure Pipelines
  • BS 8102:2022 Type C Drained Protection
Technical Drawings

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