Delta Foul V3 Sump Pump Package

Delta Foul V3 Sump Pump Package

Sump and Chamber

Superior design, precision manufacturing and high-quality assurance has made Delta a trusted name for package pump stations. Our Foul V3 sump has been designed to collect foul and/or grey water from basements and ground floor extensions. The Foul package pump station is not suitable for collecting ground water from a Cavity Drainage System.

The Foul V3 pump station package includes chamber, all internal pipework and a powerful
D10 foul vortex pump.

Delta HLA

The Delta HLA is an independent pump station high water level alarm, powered by 240V with a 6V battery backup in case of mains power failure.  The alarm offers simple installation, requiring 4 fixings and connection of mains power, pump/s and a float switch. Status for ‘All OK’, high water alarm, and mains failure are clearly displayed on the front fascia via a green and red LED.

Battery Backup

The Hi-PowerMaxx2 XL will provide power to one or two foul V3 pumps if power failure
occurs. Simple to use and easy to install – the Hi-PowerMaxx2 XL’s digital display clearly shows status and comprehensive fault codes. Once mains power is restored the Hi-PowerMaxx2 XL will fully recharge automatically.

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Delta Foul V3 Sump Pump Package
  • Delta V3 Foul Sump Pump Station
  • Delta HLA
  • Delta Hi-PowerMaxx2 XL Battery Backup
  • Cost effect – saving money when purchased as a complete package
  • Perfect match of basement drainage equipment
  • Smart features
  • Ready for immediate and simple installation
  • Suitable for new, existing and retrofit basement projects
  • Suitable for residential, commercial and heritage buildings
  • Suitable for flood resilience
  • Robust and reliable
  • Selected by industry experts
Product Details
Delta Foul V3 Sump Pump Package
Product Code:
DMS 584
Delta Foul V3 Sump Pump Package
  • NBS Specification R18 (Clause 310) Pumping Stations and Pressure Pipelines
  • BS 8102:2022 Type C Drained Protection
Technical Drawings

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