DELTA® Geo-Drain Clips

Capped external membrane

Spring clips for curtain hanging our external membranes DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro, DELTA® NP-Drain, DELTA® MS-Drain and DELTA® Terraxx

Work out the installation line adapted to what will be the later height of the ground and mark the clip’s fixing point about 2cm above the membrane’s upper edge. The clip is fixed with washer head nails, nail plugs (5mm diameter) etc. Free the non-woven fabric by one hand’s width from the studded membrane and pull/slide the DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro, DELTA® NP-Drain, DELTA® MS-Drain or DELTA® Terraxx behind the clip. Subsequent sideways adjustment is easy. You can then cap the top of the membrane off by using our MS-Profile which fixes onto the geo-drain cips with ease.

Product code:DMS093
Contents:Box of 100
Size:126mm long, 55mm wide
Material:Impact resistant, extremely sturdy polyamide 6. Colour: Brown

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