Delta Glass PC F Anchor (insulation fastening)

Delta Glass PC F Anchor (insulation fastening)

Delta Glass PC F Anchor is a unique stainless steel anchor fixing which enables complete continuation of Delta Glass to the wall and soffit on installation.

Delta Glass PC F Anchor when installed remains unseen and is installed with screw nails.

This market leading anchor intercepts penetration of Delta Glass, securing systems free of thermal connection.

Suitable for supported and accepting of screw nail anchor substrates.

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Delta Glass PC F Anchor

Delta Glass PC F Anchor is suited for:

  • concrete and solid masonry
  • fixing to hollow stone or perforated brick walls/ceilings (seek advice from a specialist)

Benefits of Delta Glass PC F Anchor:

  • Easy application
  • Remains unseen after installation
  • Prevents penetration of Delta Glass
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Prevent thermal bridging


Product Details
Delta Glass PC F Anchor
Product Codes:
20mm - DMS631
30mm - DMS632
60mm - DMS633
Size 0, base height 20 mm, for insulation thickness 40 mm
Size 1, base height 30 mm, for insulation thickness 50 - 80 mm
Size 2, base height 60 mm, for insulation thickness from 90 mm
Steel 1.4301 (EN 10088-2)
Stainless Steel
Surface quality:
2 B
Tolerances standard:
EN ISO 9445: 2006
Contents in box:
100 each in the sizes 0, 1 and 2, incl. knock-in screw and dowel
Technical Drawings

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