Drainage layer

Dimpled sheet with an integrated drainage layer. Simple and cost-efficient foundation for dry cellar walls. Improved performance, improved protection.

Developed from the proven DELTA®-MS sheet, this product further enhances waterproofing protection because its contact area is four times larger than that of a normal dimpled sheet, which improves the distribution of pressure on the waterproofing bitumen coating/sheet by the same factor. An integrated layer of hydrophilic geotextile ensures that intruding water is drained away swiftly and permanently. Attractively priced, DELTA®-MS DRAIN is easy to put up and very easy to handle – the ideal protection for vertical cellar walls.

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Product code:DMS233
Material:Dimpled high-density polyethylene sheet with a fused-on hydrophilic polypropylene geotextile
Temperature Resistance:- 30 °C to + 80 °C
Stud Height:approx. 4 mm
Roll Size:2m x 30m
Compressive Strength:approx. 300 kN/m2
Drainage (l/s · m):approx. 1,0 l/s · m

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