Dual V3.1 Sump Pump Station for Basement and Cellar Drainage CE mark

Package Pimp Station Delta Dual V3.1

The concept of a drained cavity system is to collect and manage any ground water which breaches the integrity of the structure by managing, collecting and discharging such free water via a suitable evacuation point such as a Delta packaged pump station.

The Dual V3.1 package pump station has been specifically designed for where space is limited or for jobs where 1 or less 110mm inlet/spigot is required.

The Dual V3.1 is suitable for collecting ground water and grey water waste from showers and hand basins but not foul waste from a WC and the two should never be mixed. (See ‘Delta Foul V3 Sump’ DMS-165-1 &  Delta Technical guidance note DMS 003).

The Dual V3.1 works in harmony with the Delta Cavity Drainage System to collect Ground Water via a perimeter channel (Delta Drainage Channel) or 110mm pipe (129 detail).

Manufactured from top quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) this package pump system has been designed to withstand the highest hydrostatic forces encountered in all demanding and unsympathetic applications.

The Dual V3.1 package includes the chamber (with one inlet/spigot), all internal pipe work and two powerful V3 pumps.

The V3 Pumps within the chamber are factory set to activate at different levels. One V3 pump being the primary and the secondary pump acting as a back-up.

Key Features:
  •  Suitable for use with the MaxxFamily product range
  • Ready for immediate and simple installation
  • Suitable for Flood Resilience
  • Suitable for new, existing and retrofit basement projects
  • Ability to easily deal with ground water conditions

NBS Specification R18 (Clause 310) Pumping Stations and Pressure Pipelines

BS 8102:2009 Type C Drained Protection

  •  Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Retail Units and Warehouses
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Archives/Libraries/Vaults
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Underground Rail Stations and Tunnelling
  • Underground Car Parking areas
  • Listed Buildings
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Insulated Formwork Construction (ICF)
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Product code:DMS166
Contents:1 x Chamber 785x655mm deep, including internal pipe work & 2 x V3 Pumps

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