Köster NB 1 Flexible Tanking Slurry

flexible tanking slurry

1 component, mineral, elastic / flexible tanking slurry

KÖSTER NB Elastic 1C White is a light-coloured, waterproof, wear-resistant, elastic / flexible tanking slurry with excellent adhesion to all mineral substrates. The material can bridge cracks. It is abrasion resistant and resistant to concrete-corroding waters.

Field of application
Coatings made of KÖSTER NB Elastic 1C White are wear-proof, elastic and waterproof. Such coatings can be used for areas subject to mechanical stresses and for areas which might be subject to cracking, e. g. waterproofing layers on terraces and balconies, as protection for concrete surfaces which can be walked on, wet- and damp-rooms underneath tile and ceramic coverings. If a waterproofing (2 layers) is made of KÖSTER NB Elastic 1C, then the material can also be used (applied as a third layer) as tile adhesive. It is not suited for waterproofing against negative side water pressure.

Substrate preparation
The substrate has to be sound and solid and clean. Absorbent substrates should be primed with KÖSTER Polysil® TG 500. Non-absorbent substrates are pre-wetted so that they are damp. Avoid standing water on the area to be sealed.

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Product code:DMS213
Size:25 kg bag
Coverage Rate:3 kg / m²

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