Geo-Drain Quattro – Drainage & Protection Membrane

Geo-Drain Quattro

Geo-Drain Quattro is a unique drainage protection system/external waterproofing membrane that works in conjunction with Type A External Waterproofing or can simply be used in civil engineering situations.  Geo-Drain Quattro is a compact 4-layer membrane which can be used vertically and/or horizontally.

Geo-Drain Quattro offers maximum safety for thick viscoelastic coatings and a multitude of alternate Type A systems. This holds true even if driving rain can penetrate through an imperfectly installed upper edge trim. In a watertight system, such rainwater would exert hydrostatic pressure on the waterproof coating. However, the micro-perforated slip film which together with the additional filter cloth, acts as a backup drainage layer behind the dimpled sheet ensures that any water is drained off safely. In addition, the slip film prevents the transmission of movement to the waterproof coating.

Geo-Drain Quattro has a very high compression strength and acts as a protection layer over Type A Primary Waterproofing Systems and can be used in conjunction with Our Type A range of BBA products to provide a system.

Geo-Drain Quattro
  • Conforms to EN13252
  • CE Certified
  • Dimple Height 9mm
  • Compressive strength: approx. 400 kN/m2
  • Can be used up to depths of 10 metres
  • Air gap between dimples: approx. 7.9 l/m2
  • Service temperature range: – 30 °C to + 80 °C
  • Roll size: 12.5 m by 2 m
  • Acts as a protection layer over Type A Primary Waterproofing Systems
  • A reversible system, which will minimize damage to historical or heritage structures
  • Being a four-ply material, is a compact unit that can be applied swiftly straight off the roll without any need for special grade backfill
  • Features ample safety margins for sheet movements as well as improved slip performance
  • Offers high resistance to compression thanks to its special dimple design
  • Features outstanding drainage capacity for handling unusually large quantities of water
  • Is absolutely rot-proof thanks to its material additives.Geo-Drain Quattro
Geo-Drain Quattro is the perfect solution for waterproofing
  • Podium Decks
  • Walls with backfill
  • Under Pathways
  • Buried Roofs
  • Green Roofs

NBS Specification J40 295A Flexible Sheet Tanking / Damp Proofing

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Product code:DMS006
Material:high density polyethylene
Temperature Resistance:- 30 °C to + 80 °C
Stud Height:approx. 9 mm
Roll Size:2m x 12.5m
Compressive Strength:approx. 400 kN/m2

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