Hi-PowerMaxx Battery back-up (Basement Protection)

Hi-PowerMaxx Battery back-up (Basement Protection)

Our reliable Battery Backups will keep your pumps runing during power failure, ensuring your property is kept dry; a flooded basement can result in costly repairs.

Our Battery Backups are leading the industry in performance, hours of additional protection are offered to your property from water damage in the event of power failure.  With a Hi-PowerMaxx battery backup, peace of mind is a standard.

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  • The Hi-PowerMaxx provides battery backup for larger pumps such as the V4, V6, Foul and Bespoke.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx provides standby mode for 50 days.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx is virtually inaudible.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx is capable of running both primary and secondary pumps.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx provides 13 days pump time based on 1 cycle/hr of a V6 pump.
  • An electric charger keeps the Hi-PowerMaxx battery-backup fully charged so it’ll be ready at any time.
  • Internal trickle charger keeps the unit fully charged so ready whenever there is power failure.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx will automatically recharge when mains power returns.
  • Easy Installation.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx is free standing and can be installed in any dry ventilated area.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx unit is fitted in a series between the spur and the pump; no additional electrical spurs are required.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx is part of the MaxxConnect family and can operate as a stand-alone unit or can be used in conjunction with the AlertMaxx2.
  • The Hi-PowerMaxx can also be used as a direct replacement for previous versions.
Product Detail
Product Code:
DMS 364
Size (without cable glands):
475mm x 425mm x 300mm
Weight (without batteries installed):
Weight (with batteries installed):
Mains supply:
200-250V AC (50Hz)
Internal batteries:
24V – 5 x 22 Ah Total = 100 Ah
Power (standby):
Peak Power Handling:
2000W P1
Power (charging):
Visual display:
Red, Blue, Green LED
Operating temperature:
Approximate installation time:
30 minutes
2 years
Pump Type:
Technical Drawings

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