Köster 21

Koster 21

White, 2 component, solvent free, multiple use crack bridging waterproofing, resistant to pressurized water, oil resistant

KÖSTER 21 is a 2 component, solvent-free, liquid applied, elastic, crack bridging waterproofing material with excellent adhesion to dry and moist substrates. It is liquid applied and therefore seamless, which greatly eases application to complicated architectural details. Due to its UV stability it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The white color reflects sunlight and reduces building surface temperatures. The fast curing coating is highly flexible, resistant to occasional foot traffic, aging, hydrolysis, UV-rays, frost, and salt. KÖSTER 21 seals against synthetic oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons with high boiling points (up to 2 bar). KÖSTER 21 is not resistant against substances with high aromatic hydrocarbon contents such as benzene, xylene, toluene, etc. In case of questions contact our technical support team. KÖSTER 21 does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC content = 0), is free of polyurethanes, isocyanates, and bitumen.

koster 21 being applied

Fields of application
KÖSTER 21 is a waterproofing material for the positive side waterproofing of basements, concrete slabs, in tanks, on flat roofs, underneath tiles, on terraces or balconies, and similar applications. KÖSTER 21 is also suitable as a protective coating against mineral oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons. KÖSTER 21 is suitable for the protection of surfaces in facilities with chemical and mechanical demands on the coatings, such as containment and skimming tanks. KÖSTER 21 bonds well to a wide variety of substrates, including: masonry, concrete, screed, PVC, metal, and bitumen.

Recommended ancillary product

KÖSTER Flex Fabric – intended for reinforcing thin-layer waterproofing. Highly flexible, tear-resistant fabric for the reinforcement of thin-layer waterproofing. Especially in areas prone to cracking, penetrations or wall / floor connections. Finely woven, synthetic.

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Product code:DMS244
Coverage Rate:6.67m² (3kg/m²) - 8m² (2.5kg/m²) 2 coat application

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