Koster BD Wet Room Tanking Kit

Koster BD Wet Room Tanking Kit

The Koster BD Wet Room Tanking Kit is a ready to use, seamless waterproofing set featuring the highly elastic, waterproof acrylic based material, koster BD 50 and all its components combined in one package.

The kit includes:

  • 2kg of BD50 Primer
  • 10kg of BD50 Compound
  • 15 metres of Koster Super Fleece
  • 1 outlet sleeve

BD 50 Primer is a water-dilutable, low viscous primer onstyrol-butadien basis. BD 50 Primer reduces the absorbencyof mineral substrates. BD 50 Primer is solvent-, plasticizer-and filler-free, is water-resistant which means that after the application it does not wash off or rain off.

BD 50 is a ready-for-use, solvent-free and easy to apply sealing compound for waterproofing surfaces under tile and coverings in damp and wet rooms. Once applied to the substrate, it cures to a highly flexible, waterproof synthetic foil which is highly elastic and crack-bridging.  All customary solvent-free, flexible tile adhesives can be applied on top of BD 50.

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Koster BD Wet Room Tanking Kit

The BD50 System has been developed to prevent water leakage from areas, such as: Wet rooms, Shower Areas, Bathrooms and Kitchens.

The Koster BD System comes in a convenient tanking kit – everything
you need in one box!

  • Meets BS 5385 Part 1:2018
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Breathable (water vapour permeable)
  • Flexible
  • CE Marked
  • Easy to tile with all waterproof tile adhesives
  • Simple to apply
  • Silicone compatible
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • User friendly (VOC Free)
  • In full compliance with all relevant British Standards (BS 5385-1) and Building Regulations
  • Suitable for use with vinyl floor systems
Product Details
Koster BD Wet Room Tanking Kit
Product Code:
DMS 900
Contents of Kit:
2kg of BD50 Primer, 10kg of BD50 Compound, 15 metres of Koster Super Fleece, 1 outlet sleeve
Technical Drawings
Koster BD Wet Room Tanking Kit

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