Koster BDM

Koster BDM

Koster BDM is a high performing liquid additive which can be used as part of a reinforced concrete mix design to comply to Type B waterproofing and can be used in all Grades according to BS 8102:2022.

Koster BDM combines three important characteristics – it crystallizes, blocks capillaries and makes the concrete water repellent. This reduces the water absorbency of the concrete, increases its Compressive Strength and resistance against chemical attack. It is free of corrosive ingredients and is non sensitive to mechanical damage to the surface.


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Koster BDM

Decreases the water absorption of concrete where low absorption is demanded and is suitable for:

  • All structural concrete mixes including ready-mix and pre-cast
  • Below-ground structures (habitable and car parks) including, basements, lift pits, slabs, liner walls and capping beams
  • Podium decks and green roofs
  • Water-retaining structures including swimming pools, ponds and reservoirs
  • Volatile ground conditions e.g. waste transfer stations
  • Ideal in tunnel or bridge design

Features and benefits:

  • Can be used as a single waterproofing system
  • It raises the chemical resistance of the concrete therefore increasing the structures life
  • Crystallizes and blocks the pores within concrete
  • Raises the inherent water resistance of the concrete significantly
  • Does not contain any corrosive or aggressive ingredients
  • Can provide both positive and negative side resistance
Product Details
Koster BDM
Product Code:
DMS 576 - 30kg
DMS 568 - 100kg
Warranty Description:
Ten year
Polymer Liquid
Approx. 1.1 g/cm³
Approx. 100–200 mPa·s.
Working temperature:
+ 5°C
Frost-free at temperatures between + 5°C and + 25°C
Koster BDM
  • NBS Specification E10/20 Designated concrete
  • NBS Specification E10/418 Proprietary admixture
Technical Drawings

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