Koster Flex Fabric

Koster Flex Fabric

Koster Flex Fabric is a highly flexible, finely woven plastic fabric reinforcing mesh with very high tear resistance.

Koster Flex Fabric is mainly applied in areas which are in danger of cracking as well as on
feed throughs, connections, and transitions.

Koster Flex Fabric works with waterproofing systems such as Koster KBE Liquid Film, Koster NB Elastic Grey, and Koster 21.

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Koster Flex Fabric

The coating is applied in several work steps.

Koster Flex Fabric is embedded into the first still fresh coat using a trowel, roller, or similar tool.  Not until the first layer has been allowed to dry can it be covered with subsequent layers.

For the layer thicknesses in which the materials have to be applied, please refer to the respective Technical Guidelines.  Make sure installed
sheets or strips of Koster Flex Fabric overlap each other by at least 5 cm.

Product Details
Koster Flex Fabric
Product Code:
DMS 347
1m x 50m

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