Köster Glass Fibre Mesh

Glass fibre mesh
Glass silk fabric for reinforcing coatings

KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh is a glass silk fabric with extremely high tear resistance; it is resistant to relocation, plasticizer-free, and resistant to alkalis.

Field of application
KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh is a reinforcing fabric for reinforcing coatings e. g. made of KÖSTER KBE Liquid Film, KÖSTER Bikuthan® 1C and 2C, KÖSTER Deuxan® Professional and 2C, KÖSTER BD 50 and KÖSTER Dachflex®. The application of KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh is predominantly necessary on areas which are exposed to pressurized water and which are in danger of cracking as well as on connections, transitions and fillets.

Coatings are applied in several work steps. KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh is embedded into the first still fresh layer using a plastering trowel. After the first layer has cured, it is covered with subsequent layers. For the layer thicknesses in which the materials have to be applied, please refer to the respective technical guidelines. Make sure installed sheets of KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh overlap each other by at least 5 cm.

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Product code:DMS174 / DMS188
Roll Size:35cm x 100m / 100cm x 100m

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