Koster IN 8

Koster IN 8

Koster IN 8 is a unique water reacting polyurethane prepolymer (Resin Injection).  When in contact with water, Koster IN 8 spontaneously forms a robust, elastic, and waterproof polyurethane foam.

Contact with water is essential for Koster IN 8’s curing and foaming processes.  Once the reaction is complete, Koster IN 8 maintains its viscoelasticity, enabling it to track crack movements and provide long-term waterproofing without the need for an additional elastic solid polyurethane resin injection.

Koster IN 8 is a solvent-free product and exhibits resistance to hydrolysis. This attribute further enhances its application potential and durability.

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Koster IN 8
  • Permanently seals water bearing cracks in concrete and masonry
  • Stopping fast large water leakages with foaming action
  • Waterproofing horizontal and vertical cracks
  • Sealing wall-floor joints
  • Capable of filling voids
  • Create a flexible bond
  • Easy application
  • Seamless application
  • Fast curing
  • Suitable for new construction and repair on existing structures
  • Suitable for waterproofing basements

For one-step and multiple step waterproofing of water-bearing cracks in concrete and masonry using the pressure injection method without reinjection with a solid resin. As a sealing injection in concrete and masonry.

Product Details
Koster IN 8
Product Code:
DMS 460
5 kg jerrycan
Viscosity at + 25 °C:
approx. 300 mPa·s
Volume increase:
max. 1:30
Flash point:
> +100°C
Ideal installation temperature:
+ 15°C
Density of mixture at + 20°C
approx. 1.1 kg / l
Density of reacted foam:
approx. 0.1 g / cm³
Start of reaction:
approx. 30 seconds
Reaction time:
approx. 60 seconds
Non-tacky after:
approx. 2 Minutes
Koster IN 8 Accelerator (500g)
DMS 461
Clean immediately after use with Koster PUR Cleaner. Hardened material must be mechanically removed.
Koster IN 8
  • BS 8102:2022, Protection of below ground structures against water ingress. Code of practice.
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