Koster Micro Grout 1C

Koster Micro Grout 1C

Koster Micro Grout 1C is an injection grout for the restoration of structural strength in cracks or voids in masonry and concrete.

Koster Micro Grout 1C possesses a high Compressive Strength, is shrink free, and does not show sedimentation during its pot life.

Fields of application include crack injection also in overhead areas, filling of voids, as well as the grouting of masonry anchors.

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Koster Micro Grout 1C

Koster Micro Grout 1C can be used for the injection of cracks in masonry and concrete, also for use overhead, for grouting of rock, earth, and masonry anchors as well as for filling voids, joints, etc.  It can also be used to solidify granular an/or sandy soils. Koster Micro Grout 1C is also suitable for closing the borehole or for filling cavities in horizontal barriers.

  • Koster Micro Grout 1C is delivered ready for use and only requires mixing with water#
  • Used for the injection of cracks in masonry and concrete
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Shrink free
  • Does not show sedimentation during pot life
  • Can be injected using suitable injection pumps and packers
Product Details
Koster Micro Grout 1C
Product Code:
DMS 569
Compressive Strength:
(1d) > 25 N / mm²
(7d) > 40 N / mm²
(28d)> 60 N / mm²
Flexural Strength:
(28d) > 3 N / mm²
Pot life:
Once opened - approx. 100 min
Minimum Crack Width:
> 0,2 mm
Grinding fineness (Blaine):
> 5100 cm² / g
Fineness (d95):
approx. 40 μm
Max. Aggregate Size:
under 0.1 mm
Technical Drawings

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