Koster NB 1 Grey

Koster NB 1 Grey

Koster NB 1 Grey Crystallizing mineral waterproofing slurry system for sealing against pressurized water (> 13 bar).  Koster NB 1 is a mineral coated waterproofing slurry containing crystallising and capillary-plugging agents. It can be used for waterproofing against ground moisture and for non-pressurized and pressurized water.   NB 1 Grey is characterized by its excellent resistance to pressure and abrasion as well as chemical and sulphate resistance.

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NB 1 Grey

Applied as a closed layer, Koster NB 1 is waterproof to pressurized water up to 13 bar, due to its penetration into the structural member, the slurry develops an intense bond to the substrate and the capillaries are plugged. Besides the hydraulic curing of the sealing slurry, crystallizing reactions are activated in the slurry which can lead to a self-healing effect when micro- cracks develop.

Waterproofing with NB 1 Grey should only be carried out on substrates that are free of moving cracks. Moving cracks should be considered construction joints and treated accordingly with Koster Joint Tape, Injection Resins, or Joint Sealant FS.  SB-Bonding Emulsion introduces flexibility to the material.

  • Positive and negative side waterproofing against pressurized water
  • Resistant against chlorides, sulphates and phosphates
  • Certified for drinking water environments
  • Penetrates the surface where crystallization leads to inseparable waterproofing-substrate bond – does not contain corrosion promoting ingredients
  • No VOC emissions
  • No emissions of environmentally harmful ingredients – works also on masonry and on very porous substrates like shotcrete, aerated concrete and cinderblock
  • Substrate does not have to be continually kept wet to cure
  • Inhibits salt movement in the substrate when used as a system together with Koster Polysil TG 500
  • Easy application
  • Long pot life ETA-17/0025
  • Seamless application
  • Suitable for new construction and repair on existing structures
  • Horizontal and vertical waterproofing of concrete, masonry or cementitious plaster, on porous concrete, on shotcrete, in wet rooms, bathrooms, showers, new basements, inside of basements, inside elevator shafts, tunnels, leaking retaining walls, underside of leaking ceilings, tanks, silos, sewage treatment plants, manholes and drinking water tanks
  • Suitable for waterproofing basements (exterior or interior horizontal and vertical surfaces)
  • Possess excellent pressure and abrasion resistance
  • Koster SB-Bonding Emulsion introduces flexibility to the material

NB1 is the perfect solution for waterproofing:

  • Basements
  • Retaining Walls
  • Car Parks
  • Lift Pits
  • Tunnels
  • Reservoirs
Product Details
NB 1 Grey
Product Code:
DMS 178
25kg bag
Coverage Rate:
NB 1 Grey
  • J10 Cementitious Mortar Tanking/Damp Proofing, 110A Cementitious Polymer Modified Tanking Mix/130 Proprietary Crystallization Active Mortar

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