Köster Repair Mortar Plus

repair mortar

Fast setting, expanding repair mortar
KÖSTER Repair Mortar Plus is a watertight, fast setting, slightly expanding repair mortar with excellent adhesion even to old building material substrates. With the addition of KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion, it can be used as a PCC (polymer-modified cement concrete) mortar.

Field of application
The material is intended for the execution of watertight repairs and touch up. It can be used for the installation of fillets in the wall / floor junction which are exposed to pressurised water prior to the application of bitumen thick film sealants (KÖSTER Bikuthan® 1C and 2C, KÖSTER Deuxan® Professional and 2C) and mineral coatings (KÖSTER KD System, KÖSTER NB etc.). The material can be used for underfilling machine foundations as well as for filling ruptures and oversized joints.

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Product code:DMS171

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