Koster Universal Cleaner

Koster Universal Cleaner

Koster Universal Cleaner is a market leading cleaning agent for tools, construction equipment and machinery soiled in bituminous materials and epoxy resins.

Koster Universal Cleaner is formulated especially for the waterproofing industry to effectively disperse bituminous materials and epoxy resins from machinery and tools with ease.

Koster Universal Cleaner has a fast reaction time and is user friendly.

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Koster Universal Cleaner
  • Superior cleaning agent for construction equipment, tools and machinery.
  • Solvent free
  • Suitable for bituminous material cleaning
  • Suitable for epoxy resin cleaning
  • Reliable at removing heavily soiled tools
  • Can be used with brush or cloth
  • Ideal for cleaning stirrers/mixers
  • Ultimate cleaning for Peristaltic Pumps
  • Clear for epoxy and bituminous spillages

For best performance clean tools and machinery immediately after use.

For heavily soiled tools and parts use Koster Universal Cleaner with brush or cloth to ensure reaction time on the surface.

Tools and machinery can be soaked in Koster Universal Cleaner to soften incrusted material before cleaning.

Not suitable for cleaning polyurethane-based materials.

Product Details
Koster Universal Cleaner
Product Code:
10ltr Jerrycan
Pot life:
Store material in frost free location Sealed packages can be stored for a minimum of 2 years
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