Köster Waterstop

Koster Waterstop

Expanding, fast curing plugging mortar for sealing water leakages

KÖSTER Waterstop is a fast curing, expanding plug and repair mortar. Through the fast curing and the slight expansion of the curing mortar, an intensive contact between the existing substrate and the mortar is achieved. This way, even cracks bearing pressurised water and water leakages can be sealed fast.

Field of application
KÖSTER Waterstop can be used to seal water leakages in concrete, masonry and natural stone structures quickly. The material can also be used to form fillets which are subject to pressurised water, to seal slotted walls, manholes, cable and pipe penetrations, and to subsequently seal damaged pipe joints in canal construction even if they are exposed to pressurised water.

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Product code:DMS172
Coverage Rate:2kg/l void

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