MaxxConnect™ – Basement protection

battery backup telemetry alarm system
Maximum security for your basement waterproofing pumping system

The MaxxConnect™ family is a range of products specifically designed for the basement waterproofing pump industry. An intelligent approach toward design has resulted in optimum functionality, maximum efficiency and ease of installation and service. The family consists of 3 products, the main and most essential being the AlertMaxx high level alarm to alert when there’s a potential fault or a service is required, the PowerMaxx battery backups to keep pumps running during power cuts and the MessageMaxx telemetry MessageMaxx phoneswhich has the ability to send alert messages to up to 5 mobile phones and important data can be retrieved remotely.

The AlertMaxx is the most essential unit which should be installed with the sump pump stations. The MessageMaxx and PowerMaxx units are optional yet highly recommended and can be added on to the system at a later date. The Maxx family offers total peace of mind and if the unimaginable occurs, it will warn when a problem arises giving you time to contact a pump engineer, MaxxConnect diagramwe recommend Packaged Pump Systems, they offer service plans to maintain your pumps and 24hr call out in case of emergency. In a basement environment the consequences may be catastrophic and having this protection in place could mean the difference between an expensive insurance claim for water damage or being able to be absent from the property without worrying.

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